majratakeshinekomata asked:

Correct me if I wrong, but I feel like youre a sort of Bara Elder, because I feel like you're in the Fandom since it's very biginning. Like a elder bara Lion or something like that, yes It's must be my imagination that gonning wild , but I feel it like taht I can't help it, sorry.

… are you calling me old?  ;____;

Hahah, but seriously, I think I’m more 2nd Generation. Guys like Rockear, Tenka, RedXIII, and Zombot were all around way before me providing scans and translations and safe places to talk. They were my senpai back in the day (though I’m sure they didn’t know it).

Let us never forget our bara forefathers, who paved the way for the bara of today. u.u

dickzpls asked:

So what's bastard bonds going to be about?


Bastard Bonds is about being sent to a penal colony for a crime you may or may not have committed, and then trying to survive once you get there. After escaping from prison, you’re left with trying to scrounge up halfway trustworthy people, scour for supplies, and try to figure out how to either get off the island, or make the island less hostile.

Anonymous asked:

How do you feel about 4chan?

I used to browse /y/ back in the day, back when it was the only imageboard around for gay art. I remember that there was an endless war there between yaoi fans and bara fans. That was pretty much the most annoying thing ever.

Once bara got it’s own board I stopped going there, and have never felt my life is any less enriched by its absence.

Anonymous asked:

If you have chapter 1 written of that werewolf spanker thing, then will you post it here sometime? Because I seriously want to read it

You must be referring to that future literary masterpiece of the English language, Argus the Werewolf Spanker. I’m actually going to be offering it for sale! It will be on the Amazon marketplace, so you’ll be able to read it on your tablets and kindles and whatnots. Don’t worry, it won’t be too expensive.

I am really not used to charging any prices for stuff I write other than “free”, so this is going to be a wild experiment. One which I hope does well.

Seriously, I’m really hoping.

Uhhhh, more info as it becomes available!